Poetry: Breast Cancer doesn’t happen until 38.

Breast Cancer doesn’t happen until 38.


Pounding in my head.

Don’t want to leave my bed.

Hair askew.

Dream anew

of time when I was not half dead.


I’ve set my goals.

And changed them since.

(One can’t be a jockey

if the saddle won’t fit)


“Sure I can”

had changed to “If I am able”

This disease

has caused me to be socially unstable.


To better suit your needs

we have schedules and rules.

So people won’t abuse

We want everyone treated fairly.


What happened to me?

I wanted to have a mamogram

but it seemed to the hospital

I wanted to scam.


Breast Cancer awareness month.

Lovely discount.

“Go see them”

I was told.


In my family,on both sides,

breast cancer is rampant.

We are survivors.

We have pride.


Based on this,

and getting sick

I tried to an appointment.

I tried.


After I hung up

I cried.


I was too young.

They’d take me at 38.

I was 34 at the time.


I have been diagnosed

with thyroid cancer.

My mother had breast cancer.



But I was denied.


A year passed since that time.

The Lord blessed my husband

with a blessing

from the farm.


I needed vaccines so I could volunteer.

and go to my kids school events

and annoy them

with my cheer.


A physical I did get.

Then the doctor

sent me to get

a mammogram.


I didn’t try for a discount.

It wasn’t Breast Cancer awareness month.

It was to another hospital.

No Problem in.

No Problem out.


Now an ultrasound to find out what this LUMP is all about.


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