Video Drama Club: School 2015

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School 2015

I had my notes already.  I was ready for club time and right at the appointed time the internet went down.  Three minutes later the doctor called with the results from my tests and after talking, her office had me scheduled for additional tests.  If one thing goes wrong, everything seems to follow.   And that is the premise for School 2015.

School 2015

This is a drama that to me is a combination of the 2012 drama “To the Beautiful You”,  Mark Twain’s “Prince and the Pauper” and Fleischman’s “Whipping Boy.”

To the Beautiful YouImage result for whipping boy

Kim So Hyun plays the part of the Whipping Girl.  This is a drama about school bullies and this girl has to deal with the issue in two schools.  Nam Joo Hyuk plays the athlete who has to make some emotional issues that affects his swimming.  Then there is Yook Sung Jae who plays the second lead as Gong Tae Kwang.  I think this actor’s character is so much fun and needs so many hugs.  I don’t care if Kim So Hyun’s character is not romantically interested in him.  The lad needs some hugs!

If others on the Drama Club didn’t like it I would not have watched it.  I can handle only so many high school dramas.

Would I let my daughter watch this?  After she turns 15.  I won’t tell her not to watch it but I wouldn’t excitedly recommend it to her.

“To the Beautiful You” is one of the high school must see dramas.

The following is the Video Drama Club’s take on School 2015.

What Happened to Jonghyun in Orange Marmalade?! | Drama Club Episode 5 – YouTube


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