Video Drama Club: Jeju Island Gatsby

C.C. Farmer

Video: Drama Club

Video Drama Club Youtube link.


Jeju Island Gatsby (a.k.a. Warm and Cozy)

This drama was difficult for me to get into at first.  Most k-dramas are.  You would expect that drama that has the hero riding a polo pony would grasp my attention right away but it didn’t.  I didn’t even yell “Heels down!  Heels down!” Which I normally do.  The people on the horses could ride.  So I couldn’t pick on the riding abilities. It wasn’t until the third or forth episode when I started to really get into the drama.

Kang So Ra plays the female lead and I really like how she portrays her character.  I always like a character that is thrifty and willing to tackle hard work such as learning to dive to get sea food for her restaurant.

The music in this drama is what I call Random.  It has k-pop, violin solos, men chanting and thanks to this drama I was singing “Moon River” for two weeks.  The music kept me going for the first half of the show and now that the story has picked up I am excited to see how the show ends.

At the end of every show Yoo Yun Suk, the lead, shows us how to cook a recipe.  This type of ending puts me in mind of the 2011 drama Manny but instead of a handsome man talking about child psychology you have recipes.


JeJu Island Gatsby inspired me to cook my son’s sunfish he caught.  I even put some garnish on the plate.  It looked pretty.  And that is all I am going to say.

Now the question.

Would I let my daughter watch this?

Yes.  In fact I have called the children over.  The Boy was amazed at the rocks and watched her gathering shell fish.  I used it as a lesson in geography and geology.  It is not made for children but I am not scared that they would see something they did not need to see.

Well except for Red Clay Underwear Man.   (The actor that plays the Mayor has the most interesting eyes, reminds me of my mother’s)

The Girl liked the scene when Kang So Ra was riding the tour guide horse.  She laughed.  This is a sweet drama that if you can get through the slow start well worth the watch.


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