Video Drama Club: Bad Boys

WIN_20150609_105535Bad Boys. We didn’t start off as a discussion about bad boys.  It wasn’t our topic.  Drama Club got together to talk about Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin.

Drama Club thoughts.

It was only after recording I had this thought.

Bad Boys.Kim Woo Bin

Lee Jong Suk I don’t consider you a Bad Boy.  I think your a great actor but when I think Bad Boy, your not on my mind.

On recording days I send my children away.  One partial day without any children keeps a person sane.  Well, this time I kept the girls home with me.  My philosophy was if I spent time with them they would play quietly while I did my thing.

We did hair.

annd back of head in rollers anne head gracehead

We did nails.  I got every color of the rainbow.

Then it was time for the recording.

Thank You DramaFever for editing out the part where I threw the package of paper plates at the child playing the piano. ( I missed on purpose.)”

And I thought my boys were bad.

Kim Woo Bin plays the Bad Boy role very well.  I would be excited to see him as a lead in a romantic drama that was written like Healer or City Hunter.

Then I thought of a few actors that played evil characters and also some romantic ones.  These are Bad Boys that I would like invite over to go four wheeling or hiking.

Alan Rickman

as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series.  I first liked him as the romantic hero as Colonel Brandon in  Sense and Sensibility.


Then there is Shin Sung Rok who plays the evil brother Lee Jae kyung in My Love From the Stars and the sweet CEO Jo Geun-woo in Trot Lovers.  I really like this guy and wish I could see him more in romantic roles.

And finally  a picture of Kim Woo Bin from Heirs.   You can come over mudding any day.


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