Video Drama Club: School 2015 Gong Tae Kwang Vs. Steve Urkel


Yes, well, we can’t all do things well.  There was nothing wrong with 2015.  It was a decent drama but I would rather go watch a rerun episode of Family Matters than to watch the drama again.  In a few years I might go back and watch episode 16 again just for the swimming scene for ah …um… artistic appreciation’ purposes.  I think that high schoolers should have reviewed this, it may have got a better response.

It ranked the highest watched for a while on DramaFever so it wasn’t really a bad drama.  It just didn’t move me.  I miss you Urkel.

As a second lead Yook Sung Jae played a good role.  He had me yelling at the screen “Dump the swimmer, go with the bad boy who loves you for you!”   As a second lead he did very well and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a bigger role later on.  Part way through the drama he changed his hair coloring and became serious.  With that he became more of a contender for the heroine’s affection.

You could compare that to Steve Urkel the character.  This Family Matters Character helped make this sitcom last for nine seasons.  He was just suppose to be a guest character and ended eventually being the main character.  He too has an unreturned love  for the character Laura Winslow.  While for Yook Sung Jae’s character Gong Tae Kwang it was Lee Eun Bi played by Kim So Hyun.

Yook Sung Jae is the man in blue with the lighter hair in the picture.

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