Video Drama Club: Twenty

I was a tad dramatic.  Ok, nothing new.

Cookies from scratch.

Watching God’s best creations while eating raw cookie dough

Ah Yes, I found what I had worked on.  It was in Google Documents, out in cyber space.  I am on a learning curve.  I discovered you can split the screen in half.  (Imagine that!) Then you can take notes while watching the video and the drama.  Or in this case movie.


Maturity Warning

It had warnings about raunchiness.  It was an “American Pie” or “Something about Mary” type movie.  The first, I have never seen and the last I don’t need to see again.  There were no children around when I watched this.  I debated whether I should walk away from this but I did it because I wanted to take part in Video Drama Club.

To get ready for this movie I made chocolate chip cookies because a boy requested it.  My plan was to watch while licking the bowl clean.  I originally thought that I may have to pause and write down some story ideas for my romance novels.  (Sigh. Don’t think too creatively.  I don’t write erotic romances.)  However, I did not.

(I was tempted to write a little script just to get Kim Woo Bin up on a horse. That was the only tangent I had. And for me, the person with an attention span less than a goldfish,that is unusual.)

Moving on.

I spent the first half of the movie laughing in embarrassment, alternating between covering my eyes and slapping my forehead   Wow!  it was like listening to the conversations on the school bus or being in a van with college boys for 15 hours.  Hilarious!

My questions and observations as I watched this movie were as follows:

  • Why did they use so many English songs?
  • Hey, It’s the jerk producer from Producer!
  • Kim Woo Bin has legs like a young Jimmy Stewart.
  • His eyes are very expressive.
  • Raising four boys after bankruptcy.  I, too, would have been tempted to take up smoking. (That would be too expensive, chocolate is better.)  I like how the boy took a job for his family and was able to do his graphic arts after work.
  • Not thrilled about the movie/ graphic art idea. (  Yes, I covered my eyes in embarrassment and laughter.)
  • The line the ex girlfriend says “Key Kim Kyung Jae, You know what the saddest part is.  It’s not about your failed crush, but it’s that those are your friends.”
  • (It took me two settings, various stops and starts)
  • The last 15 min I got into the movie.  It became poignant and then there was the fight scene.  The kids stayed in character and the females were causing the most damage!
  • As they were going off to military duty, the camaraderie and optimism were enjoyable.  I like how they were forgiving and were there for each other.They allowed their friends to be individuals, whether nerdy introvert, weird extrovert or realistic.  They did things together and separately.
  • Writing of script- awesome lines.

Not going to watch this movie again.  Nope. Not my type of humor.  I may have to go watch an episode of “Keeping up Appearances” to clean my comedy palette.

Twenty: staring

Lee Jun Ho as Dong Woo

Kang Ha Neul as Kyung Jae

Kim Woo Bin as Chi Ho


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