Ballads, Hats, Hero

Hat, Ballad and Hero


Ever seen Goodwears?  It’s my imaginary Goodreads for hats!

What I have worn…What I want to wear…and write reviews on them.

Can you picture it?

child hat C. C. Farmer liked Queen Elizabeth’s floral cap of June 1962, worn to the Epsom Derby.  A white-petaled hat.

Whitepetaled hat drawing 7-10-15 “Another great hat for the Queen.  Four stars for a creatively,  well constructed cap that can be shared with family descendants for years to come.”

2 hours, 35 min ago *see fake review *preview hat



I was singing with Kim Jong Kook today while doing dishes.  Yes, I was.  Just because it was in Korean does not mean I did not sing along.  I sang a lot of da’s and la’s.  We sound good together.  Volume 6, Youtube.The Eleventh Story. Song: (no clue, it was in Korean.)  [Hey, Kim Jong Kook anytime your in my neighborhood, stop by and we’ll sing. ( And you will probably have to wrestle with the boys.)]


My husband.DSC00695


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