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Author Event: Titus Himmelberger

Titus Himmelberger

Yes, my youngest are holding hands.

It was a wet day in June.  June 27th, 2015 to be exact.  We were on our way to a 4-H rabbit showmanship clinic and I took the chance and went to From My Shelf Books and Gifts store, to see the author signing.  (Why?  Because I want people to come to my book signings, because I wanted a book to do a review on, and I like to collect autographed books. ) The author is Titus Himmelberger.  He is nice and polite. (I probably could use different words to describe him such as gentleman, approachable, etc..)  He lives in Pennsylvania and is into theater.  His bio says he travels and has done mission work.

You can see this in the later half of the book.  When it comes to Demon Hunter: To Heaven and Back, it’s all about the last half of the book.  I admit being a romance writer I have a formula and I expect that others use that same formula because most romance writer do.  First thing is first, I needed to change the way I approached the book and throw that formula out.  Once I stopped trying to predict what was happening, (and believe me, I had no clue), I started to get into the book.

The last half of the book propels you forward at a faster pace and leaves you at the end thinking “Why is this book only 159 pages.”  I wish this author blessings and hope this book does well because selfishly I would like to see a series with Travis Stone and his destruction and how God uses him.

-C.C. Farmer: A Unique Storyteller

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