How to Not Drive a Tractor Over Your Lenovo Yoga II and Windows 10.

It’s been almost a year since Yogi came into my life.  For the first time in my lifetime I have a brand new computer and I am very happy.  I can write my little stories  and live my little life.  But so help me if this microphone issue isn’t resolved I am going to throw Yogi and the microphone under a tractor tire.


Lessons I have learned.

  1. Test MIC in Audacity, then try a Hangout.
    1. Sang a song after trying a public hangout.
    2. “I could hear myself in Audacity. And I did a public Hangout.  And no your c&#@ won’t please me and no I don’t want to find out.”
  2. Don’t do a public hangout.

  3. Go to settings.
    1. After Windows 10 was installed, my Mic problems became worse.  After every update I need to go to settings to make sure that the MIC is not muted.
    2. Settings is worse after Windows 10 was installed.
      1. Need to type Sound in the search box, then click on the icon
      2. Once in Sound click on the tab Recording.
      3. Double click on Microphone
      4. Go to tab Levels make sure the MIC is not muted
      5. Then go to tab Advanced and make sure that the last box labeled Enable Audio Enhancements is unchecked.(Empty, unmarked,void, deplete,hollow, vacant, untenanted, devoid, and prolix.){Prolix means unduly prolonged or wordy, therefore it shouldn’t be in this section.But I learned a new word. So I am going to keep it.}
  4. Youtube has a helpful video where my sister found this out to help me.
  5. Adjusting your Lenovo Yoga Microphone – YouTube
  6. Use the Chrome browser, just in case.
  7. Then fold you hands, bow your head and pray to God that this works.

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