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Lost My Browser What’ll I do?

Lost my browser what’ll I do?

Lost my browser what’ll I do?

Lost my browser what’ll I do?

Shouldn’t push random buttons.

(Singing to the tune of Skip to My Lou.)

  • First thing I did was ask for help on Facebook.
  • Second Googled my error 138 err network access denied question
    • Since the language was in tech language, read a little
      • Firewall? Did that.
      • Wondered if I checked the right boxes.
      • Ended up setting up an email in, changing my Microsoft passward, discovered an email in my regular mail about multitasking with windows 10.
        • Oh so that’s what that weird shaped square watch is for.
        • Oooo That is how I can type while watching my dramas! Oooooo
      • Went to YouTube
        • Seeing it works better for me.
          • I watched these. I don’t want to use Chrome, I want to use Maxthon.
            • I figured it would work the same way.
          • Found out that Windows Firewall was not the only firewall I have
            • I also have McAfee
              • This may be why I can’t fix it.
                • Now to find where McAfee is on my computer.
                  • (You would think typing it in settings search would bring it up.
                  • Went to Apps and scrolled down until I found McAfee Central
                    • Punched through until I got to Security Status
                    • Firewall is on
                      • To change settings I needed to log on as Administrator.
                        • Logged out of C.C. and logged in as Annie
                        • Repeated above steps
                      • Pushed this buttons, clicked on that, Clicked on default settings
                      • Finally I took off the firewall and the browser worked.
                      • Went back to McAfee and turned the firewall back on
                      • Saw an update for a new feature for McAfee clicked in it to update
                        • Realized I have no clue what I am updating.
                        • “Ooooo I wonder what this does?”

Moral of the story. Turn Off Firewalls and then turn them back on again.

  • Started this at 7:30 after children got on bus. Figured it out by 12:36.

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