I Can Be Smarter Than My Yogie.

Yogie and I have a love/hate relationship going.  Right now I am trying to wean myself from unnecessary social media and get my book done. (Yes, I know I am writing this instead of working on edits)  Yogie is my little Lenova Yoga II.  I verbally tell it what I want it to do, then I go into Word and make what I want on my blog posts, following this I want Yogie to paste everything I have, the way that I have, right onto the blogs.  Yogie refuses to corporate so I am typing this blog to remind myself how to make a better and quicker blog with pictures from PowerPoint and Word documents.

  1. First I made the images in PowerPoint.  Did 20 Love An Author.
    1. Saved them all as a PowerPoint
    2. Then went back and saved them as a jpeg.
      1. It asked if I wanted all the slides or just the one
      2. I said all slides and it saved them in a folder.
  2. Then I opened Word and wrote up my information on how to buy my books and to buy Gracie’s baskets on Etsy
  3. I took the twenty pictures and saved 20 pictures with that Word page.
    1. Slides
      1. Insert.  Save Document as Love An Author 1,
      2. delete slide, insert slide two save as Love An Author 2.
      3. etc…
  4. Went to WordPress to add Media.  Does not load Word Documents.  Saved as a PDF.  Gave me a link.  (I don’t want that.)  Word doesn’t *save as* into jpeg.  So I copy and pasted the word document into Publisher.  There I saved it and found that I still couldn’t upload it without the links.  So what I did was I saved the Publisher version as jpeg.
  5. I was able to take the jpeg and add it to WordPress.
    1. tags I used were C.C. Farmer, and Love An Author
    2. Category: Love An Author.
    3. Feature Image
      1. I went back and took the Powerpoint slide that I had saved as a jpeg and used that as my featured image.  This works well for seeing them in Facebook.

Please tell me.

Winning the Yogie Battle

Winning the Yogie Battle


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