Pororo the Penguin WAS NOT Voiced by Ha HA.

Ha Ha did not voice Pororo.  This is a children’s program that is found on DramaFever.  My youngest watchs it in either English or Korean.  I wish there was quality Spanish programs because that is the language that would be most beneficial to my family. The quality of the Spanish shows are sub-par in comparison to the Korean.

Ha Ha is best known for his activity in Runningman.  According to Wiki,  the character Pororo was voiced by Lee Sun.  Ha Ha is associated with Pororo because of his kid like demenior that he eminated at the begging of his career.  However, since he has been married and has a child, he doesn’t show that silly side to himself as much on Runningman.

Check out the video drama club’s newest episode!

SISTAR’s DASOM is Silly in “The Virtual Bride” + CHOI JI WOO Returns to College in “Twenty Again!” – YouTube


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