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Troubled or Sadistic?

I had this dream.  I woke up with the question…Was this boy troubled or sadistic?  Park Bo-Gum stars in this dream.

I blame it on the research I was doing the night before.

On February 26th I went to bed after watching and reading the following links.


ThePrehistoric Giant Monsters:Dinosaurs(full documentary)HD – YouTube

The Original Arab(Yemen) Horses – YouTube

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjjLTZ9yLfA Ancient Giants Who Ruled America – Graham Hancock Official Website

The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America

ANCIENT GIANTS existed – Best Full Documentary – YouTube

What I woke to was a very disturbing dream.

Park Bo Gum shorts' children center

Park Bo Bum was a strawberry blond haired lad working at a children’s center.  I was volunteering as a 4-H presenter and saw that they were having trouble with the after school kids.  I helped out walking with a heavy boy about 9 and a 7 year old teasing boy.  I asked if they were hiring.  They were. I waited for the two boys at the cement outside restroom. There was a magazine rack right when you walked in and I thought it would a good place to put my two books “The Girl Who Wanted” and “Karate George”.  One of the great instructors there was a woman who looked like Gracie’s Dance instructor.  She had RELIV pamphlets.  A pretty Asian girl was also an instructor there. I think of her as the girl from the drama Sensory Couple but her hair was straight and black. Park Bo Gum’s character was the only boy.

From here I took on an all seeing view.  I remember studying the house that he lived in.  Asking myself questions.  How can a young man of that age, live by himself in a house that looks like it was built recently? There were visual evidence of the outside grill being moved around to various places outside.

It turns out that by work hours he is a shy helper at the center.  After hours…….He is in his house dreaming.. Sometimes his parents are stuffed holding golf clubs.  His two sisters are pieced together of pottery and bones.  He dreams the girl he likes comes to him and visits him at night but then his parents walk through the living room swinging their golf clubs.

I stepped back and looked at this boy.

Did his parents and two sisters die in a horrendous accident coming back from a golf trip?

Or was he actually a skilled murder of his parents?

Would the girl be able to teach him to help himself and move on

or would she too fall victim?

I am not going to investigate further into this thought and idea.  It is far to difficult to deal with emotionally and mentally.  Therefore, I  will not answer my question of, was this boy troubled or sadistic?



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