Aliens Wearing Galoshes Abduction

Yeah, It’s been one of those summers.  My Aliens don’t wear galoshes.  I’m lucky if I can get clothes to stay on for half an hour.  If I were to try to take their bathing suits off I would need tweezers and my small animal science surgical kit.  Don’t worry about my writing masterpieces.  I have been working on and off.  Once my precious children load onto their yellow rectangle and beam away, I will be spending more time competing a few projects.  I have some awesome ideas!




Suggested reading would be Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Mr Jeremy Fisher first edition cover.jpg

One should never grow too old for a story of a frog with friends like these, Sir Isaac Newton, a newt, and Alderman Ptolemy Tortoise.


P.S.  I died my hair the night before with beet juice and well,…. I will do it again with the Farm girls because it didn’t work and I won’t have to worry about damaging their hair and I can hang out with them!  I do like this picture.  My friend reading this, you can tell that I have lost 5 pounds over the summer.

P.S.S.  Did I tell you I had some crazy ideas?


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