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Monday, 9-19-2016


My husband is chopping. Chopping is what I refer to taking a large machine and chopping corn into bits called silage.  There is more to it but basically it is chopping.  While doing this he sees all types of wild life.

He had me searching the house to find his binoculars.  He found them in his locker.  Where they were supposed to be.  Imagine that.

Kids are home for an ACT 80 day and I am coming off of a fibro-week.  Fibro-week is what I refer to a week of pain, brain fog, negative thoughts and anything else associated to fibromyalgia.  I am one of the lucky ones who has some clue what my triggers are.  I feel for those who have this autoimmune disease worse than myself.

Now off to work on Patches and the Tiger Prince………………



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