Bat in the theater or how I peed my pants.

Yes, I am undecided on the title for this memoir. I suppose I could combine the two and verbosely state, “the bat flew through the theater causing a ruckus and while doing so, I, of four natural births  and not enough kegels, peed my pants with laughter.”

Saturday evening in the Warehouse Theater dressed in black with orange trimmed sneakers I set about singing Bosco Bits advertising while Grace played the accordion   Then onto my part of Koren Van Broont and various sound effects.  That night we were were on.  The audience was dying of laughter even before our little creature of the night visited.  For we were performing a radio drama adapted from Washington Irving’s short story by Anthony E. Palermo.  This live performance had twenty of us, including the director Mr. Gabe, and excluding the bat.  During the first half of the performance the bat did two circles and vanished into the dark recesses of the Warehouse Theater.  In fact, some of the crew didn’t even notice it.  During the intermission, I chuckling said that it would come back during the second half.  Oops.

The scene where Ichabod and Brom set to out wit each other with scary stories got a whole lot more interesting.  The bat came back.  Unlike the first time he entered, he swooped to the back of the set and made a few small circles, round and round.  The two youngest girls were the first to loose composure, and then, poor Brom, or well the actor playing Brom, whom I like to say stayed in character even when frightened as the bat flew inches from his nose.  He was trying to say that there was no vat at Karl’s Mill but instead my ears heard no bat.  There was no bat at Karl’s Mill, and that was where I lost it.  I turned my back and tried to gain composure but by that time the tears were streaming and the kegels were of no help.  The speaking actors were ducking and scrambling away.  Although, the gentleman who worked at the local vet clinic had a gleam to his eyes.  I later heard him remark that he wished the bat had landed beside him and he could have ended the show dramatically.

Mr. Gabe, the director. was able to call out with smooth suaveness, something that sounded close to “Break in Studio B.  We will be right back in a moment” and  allowed everyone to loose their composure for a good laugh and to go back to work.  He guessed that music might scare the bat off and he was right. He played a few strands of dark classical with a short announcement that the show would be starting in a few seconds, we went back to the performance.  What a wonderful audience we had.  Laughter and good wishes abounded.  I love radio shows and that night’s performance will go down as one of my favorites if not the favorite.  A great chance to work with talented neighbors and be with my daughter doing things we love.  I will never forget the night when a bat made an appearance during the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow and stole the show.  Although I do have to say, I am glad it happened in 2016 because if he had come the previous year during Dracula, I wouldn’t have peed my pants because of laughing.



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