Joy my favorite essential oil


Greetings fellow life improvers.  My name is Annie from the blog ccfarmer4u.   As I am writing this I have my 15 ml bottle of Joy by my side and I have panic consuming me. Why?  Because I am almost out!

Joy is my favorite essential oil blend but not my most used.  My most used is the lavender.  I have fibromyalgia, the guess what is going to hurt today, autoimmune disease.  When I am very active and I feel the hip bursitis coming on I draw a bath, put in the Epsom salts and lavender.  Then I read or watch my Asian Dramas for a long time.  Without that I would never be able to move the next day and who wants to spend their 30’s and 40’s in bed?

Joy.  Joy I use as perfume.  Going out today.  A whiff of the citrus smell clears the sinus’s and makes my creative mind swirl into the realm of dreams.  Someday I am going to be at a fancy gathering, dressed to the nine wearing this oil.  Joy reminds me of my dreams of being a famous storyteller and making people smile.  It has been a rough three years since when I became bed ridden and unable to care for my family.  After discovering my thyroid was not functioning correctly and then being totally removed because there was cancer on that butterfly organ, I have been battling depression and fibromyalgia.  Life changes are challenging.  I wanted to be a true farm wife.  Raise the kids, work with the animals, drive the cultivator in my potato patch but with this disease I am very limited.  I had to find a different dream and go for that and Joy reminds me that I have a future and do have the ability to reach that dream.  Joy is my favorite essential oil blend.  It keeps the depression at bay.  Who can’t love that?


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