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HOEDOWN with Misty Simon

There are days where I almost cry because I spent all my book money.  Here is a book that is going on my wish list and it’s not just because of the title.

  • Ivy Morris Mysteries – Hoedown Showdown

With the Tasty Tomato Tournament just days away, the small town of Martha’s Point is all abuzz. This is the first year without a sure winner, and the competition is fierce to gain the judges’ approval, even before the tournament starts.

But when Ivy finds one of those judges dead in a shed across the street, things go from bad to worse. All she wanted was seven glorious, kid-free days of messing around with her husband. Instead, she’s going to be tracking down a killer, staying out of the way of a pickle-obsessed farmer, and dodging the new cop who seems out for her blood.

Rating: Spicy


“Myrt,” I said patiently, as if talking to a small child. “First of all, this wasn’t the tomato crusher. It was Judge McIntyre.”

I didn’t even get to the next part since she started wailing. “Oh, my stars! I’m never going to win the Tasty Tomato Tournament now! It’s the fiftieth anniversary, and I wanted at least one chance before I die! And now I will never win this! I’ll be a dead woman long before I can ever show my face again in the tournament! And this was supposed to be my year!”

Not only was that a lot of exclamation points, but she also dragged the last word out until it sounded like a cat dying. I tried to calm her down by settling my hand on her shoulder. She shook me off while dropping her cane at her feet. With a ton of creaks and cracks, she knelt down beside him and started babbling about how sorry she was.

“I don’t think you should touch him.” I said this while definitely keeping my distance. I did not want to touch him more than I already had. To be honest, it had been some time since I was involved in anything more than feeding and playing with my kids or running my store and being a wife. Occasionally I would help Ben with a case or two in his work as a private investigator, but it was more paperwork than anything else. I did not want to even know what had happened to the judge, much less who had done it. Ben was not going to be pleased. At all.

“I’m so sorry, Mr. McIntyre,” Myrt said with her face close to his, her hand patting his chest. There was a crinkling noise, but she was still talking. “So very sorry. When Irma died last year in her sleep after winning her forty-ninth straight tournament, I thought I finally had a chance, and now I hit you, and I’m so very, very sorry, and I can’t believe I mistook you for a burglar.” She twisted her hands together like she was wringing out a dishtowel. And she was going to draw blood if she continued biting her lip in between babbling some more.

I had few choices right now. I have to admit here that I had no desire whatsoever to call the police. I didn’t want to be involved in things. I had plans this week. This was not going to keep me from swinging from the freaking chandelier if I could.

Of course, I could go across the street and call from the house, or have Ben call and then remove myself from the situation altogether. But that would be completely unfair to Mrs. Crandall.

I couldn’t help myself. I let out a scream that would have brought down an opera house, something between frustration and fright because, at that moment, something furry ran against my leg before shooting into the bushes.

In the end, the decision of what to do was taken out of my hands because the police came tearing up in the one marked car in town, screeching to a halt at the curb. A man in uniform was out of the car before I could blink again. And I’m glad I didn’t blink because I would have missed the way he jumped from the car and then did a forward roll across the front lawn as if he was in some crazy-assed shootout.




Twitter: @MistySimon

Buy Link:

Author bio: Misty Simon loves a good story and decided one day that she would try her hand at it. Eventually she got it right. There’s nothing better in the world than making someone laugh, and she hopes everyone at least snickers in the right places when reading her books. She lives with her husband, daughter and three insane dogs in Central Pennsylvania where she is hard at work on her next novel or three. She loves to hear from readers so drop her a line at

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D.R. Grady Cover Reveal!

Farmer’s favorite D.R.Grady book is the Nerd and the Marine.  AND NOW THIS!  What is a book lover to do?

Odd things keep happening to Dr. Sara Newton. She’s a soon-to-be-unemployed pediatrician with an alleged stalker, a hot cop on her heels breathing dire warnings, and way too much student debt.

It doesn’t help that the hot cop is Clay Morrison, her best friend’s older brother. The man has made her heart pound and her palms sweaty since puberty. The trouble is, he only interacts with her when he’s expounding on new security measures. He sees threats everywhere.

Clay Morrison is frustrated. He hates his new job, misses his Army Ranger days, loves his well-meaning, pushy family—and when did sweet Sara Newton grow up? She won’t admit she has a stalker, and she won’t keep out of his thoughts. He can only protect someone in denial for so long. No matter how attractive she is…

Clay and Sara are circling each other, trying to meet in the middle. Then a brand new threat sends them in a completely different direction.

D.R. Grady lives with her husband near Hershey, PA. She adores chocolate, laughing, collecting bags, books, and shoes, and writing stories that resonate with others.


Twitter: @drgradybooks

Amazon Author page:

Facebook Page: D.R. Grady

Google+:  D.R. Gradybooks


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Memoir Monday: Listening Ear

September 6th 2016 had been one of those crazy weeks where careful laid plans go scattering like chaff. A child in hives and an autoimmune disease flare up cramped my plans for getting ready for the music camp weekend.

Oh, these are the weeks that I miss my father the most.

Most women marry a version of their father, not me.  I married a mixture of my Uncle George and Mother.  Is this because I lost my father when I was 16?  Don’t get me wrong.  I love my husband but I miss my daddy’s listening ear.  Throwing open the white washed barn door with his doodling’s with a pencil, boxes or plants or animals mingle with numbers of folks calling about farm or church business.  Dad doodled while listening on the phone.  Guess I take after him.  Ask my college professors.

Walk into the barn.  And plop myself down, dramatically, on anything handy and spill my guts with a lot of whys?  Why does it have to done this way?  Why can’t we do things this way?  How about? And I would be off while he moved from bovine to bovine.

I really do miss his listening ear.  The smells of the barn.  Him grumping at Mable, the Jersey milk cow, swinging her stub of a whip tail knocking his manured cap askew.  This week I would have grumped about the hives and this disease that cramps my style.  Of course he would tell me to suck it up or ask me how I can work around it and what ideas do I have.

In this moment of reflection, I pause and realize that I am calming myself by listening to Tennessee Ernie Ford hymns.  A tad different from my usual listening.  Dad would have shaken his head at my son dancing at the Korean pop group, CNBLUE’s ‘

Coffee Shop’.  I guess in some ways I am glad he is gone.  I am afraid that I will have disappointed him so much by now.  Or, as I self-inspect, would I have never gone down the path I did?  I was always able to make better decisions after talking to him.

Looking into the future, past the trash and clothes on floor. Past the dust and dirty walls, will my children be able to look at the time I am with them and be happy?   Will they continue on and be listening ears to their families?  Better yet will they be listeners of the heart? For sometimes it is not the words that are spoken but the emotions expressed.  Yep, weeks like this I miss my daddy.


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Troubled or Sadistic?

I had this dream.  I woke up with the question…Was this boy troubled or sadistic?  Park Bo-Gum stars in this dream.

I blame it on the research I was doing the night before.

On February 26th I went to bed after watching and reading the following links.


ThePrehistoric Giant Monsters:Dinosaurs(full documentary)HD – YouTube

The Original Arab(Yemen) Horses – YouTube Ancient Giants Who Ruled America – Graham Hancock Official Website

The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America

ANCIENT GIANTS existed – Best Full Documentary – YouTube

What I woke to was a very disturbing dream.

Park Bo Gum shorts' children center

Park Bo Bum was a strawberry blond haired lad working at a children’s center.  I was volunteering as a 4-H presenter and saw that they were having trouble with the after school kids.  I helped out walking with a heavy boy about 9 and a 7 year old teasing boy.  I asked if they were hiring.  They were. I waited for the two boys at the cement outside restroom. There was a magazine rack right when you walked in and I thought it would a good place to put my two books “The Girl Who Wanted” and “Karate George”.  One of the great instructors there was a woman who looked like Gracie’s Dance instructor.  She had RELIV pamphlets.  A pretty Asian girl was also an instructor there. I think of her as the girl from the drama Sensory Couple but her hair was straight and black. Park Bo Gum’s character was the only boy.

From here I took on an all seeing view.  I remember studying the house that he lived in.  Asking myself questions.  How can a young man of that age, live by himself in a house that looks like it was built recently? There were visual evidence of the outside grill being moved around to various places outside.

It turns out that by work hours he is a shy helper at the center.  After hours…….He is in his house dreaming.. Sometimes his parents are stuffed holding golf clubs.  His two sisters are pieced together of pottery and bones.  He dreams the girl he likes comes to him and visits him at night but then his parents walk through the living room swinging their golf clubs.

I stepped back and looked at this boy.

Did his parents and two sisters die in a horrendous accident coming back from a golf trip?

Or was he actually a skilled murder of his parents?

Would the girl be able to teach him to help himself and move on

or would she too fall victim?

I am not going to investigate further into this thought and idea.  It is far to difficult to deal with emotionally and mentally.  Therefore, I  will not answer my question of, was this boy troubled or sadistic?


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Got7, 5urprise and EXO

EXO 5urprise GOT7
# of members 10 5  7
Member names Xiumin












Seo Kang-joon, Gong Myung, Yoo Il, Kang Tae-oh and Lee Tae-hwan
Started out Started with 12 members of singers Different because they started out as an actor group
Year debut 2011 2013 2014
Roommate Chanyeol Kang Joon Jackson
Mini drama EXO next door After school Lucky or not, 2 seasons Dream Knights
Drama Fever awards Performed

Lee Tae Hwan had a supporting role in Pride and Prejudice.  My husband calls me from working on a tractor and asked if the newest episode was out yet. only drama my husband watched with me till the end.

Thoughts:  Dream Knights supernatural, after school- just weird and EXO made fun of these.

These are just my thoughts.

Jackson was the best in Roomates.  Kang Soon is by far the best actor and Chanyeol is just a sweet heart that I hope the industry doesn’t change into a sex symbol.

I wrote an article on 5urprise in my first newsletter.  newsletter try | ccfarmer4u

CCfarmer newsletter february feb 16

Farmercraft on Etsy

The Girl Who Wanted

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Hat, Ballad and Hero


Ever seen Goodwears?  It’s my imaginary Goodreads for hats!

What I have worn…What I want to wear…and write reviews on them.

Can you picture it?

child hat C. C. Farmer liked Queen Elizabeth’s floral cap of June 1962, worn to the Epsom Derby.  A white-petaled hat.

Whitepetaled hat drawing 7-10-15 “Another great hat for the Queen.  Four stars for a creatively,  well constructed cap that can be shared with family descendants for years to come.”

2 hours, 35 min ago *see fake review *preview hat



I was singing with Kim Jong Kook today while doing dishes.  Yes, I was.  Just because it was in Korean does not mean I did not sing along.  I sang a lot of da’s and la’s.  We sound good together.  Volume 6, Youtube.The Eleventh Story. Song: (no clue, it was in Korean.)  [Hey, Kim Jong Kook anytime your in my neighborhood, stop by and we’ll sing. ( And you will probably have to wrestle with the boys.)]


My husband.DSC00695