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Joy for my Dreams. Lavender for my Ouchies.

Joy for my dreams.

Lavender for my Ouchies.

Not FDA approved but neither is my storytelling.

Joy is my favorite essential oil blend but not my most used.  My most used is the Lavender.  When my Ouchies are coming I draw a bath, put in Epsom Salts and Lavender.  Then I read, write notes for story ideas or , most likely,  watch Asian Dramas.  I like it.

Joy.  Ah my Joy.  Joy, I use as a perfume.  Going out today?  A whiff of citrus is what I need to send dog, farm boys and dull house smells away and to awaken my creative mind into the realm of dreams.

Someday I am going to be at a fancy gathering, dressed to the nine wearing this oil.  Joy reminds me of my dreams of being a famous storyteller and making people smile.  It has been a rough three years since when I became bed ridden and unable to care for my family.

My Ouchies and Blahs had taken over my life and now I have the challenges of life changes.I wanted to be a true farm wife.  Raise the kids, work with the animals, drive the cultivator in my potato patch but with my Ouchies, I am very limited.  I had to find a different dream and go for that and Joy reminds me that I have a future and do have the ability to reach that dream.  Joy is my favorite essential oil blend.  It keeps my dreams in focus.  Who can’t love that?